The 3 Best Ways to Buy Backlinks

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If you want your site to rank high in the search engine resutls you will need lots of quality backlinks. There are several ways to buy backlinks. In this article we will look at some of them.

The first way to get links is by social bookmarking your site using web 2.0 services like Delicious and Digg. In addition to backlinks, these services may also send you some additional traffic. Social bookmarking should be done in moderation though. It is easy to get banned if you keep bookmarking too many of your own pages. One great service that makes social bookmarking a lot faster is OnlyWire.

Another excellent way to get backlinks is by writing articles related to your site´s niche. You can then submit these articles to article directories and leave a link to your site in the article´s resource box. Doing this will give you backlinks in two ways: from the article that gets published in the article directory and the many articles that get published by other people on their blogs or sites. There are also certain services available that will submit your article to lots of different article directories, giving you even more backlinks. These services are usually well worth the money.

Another way to buy backlinks is by posting at forums related to your site´s topic. This will not just give you backlinks, but also drive traffic from the forum itself. Be careful to respect the forum´s rules when doing this though. Most will only allow a link in your forum signature and not in the posts themselves. Posting comments on blogs is a similar strategy that also works well.


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