3 Ways To Improve Your Page Rank By Building Backlinks

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Building backlinks is VERY essential to your online business. Creating a website or product is key in the blueprints of your business, but popularizing your identity will be the foundation your business is built on. Browsers will not be able to perform any actions on your page if they cannot find it to begin with. You have to make yourself visible, and with credible referrals in order to generate profitable traffic to your business.

Familiarize and socialize with the browsers you are trying to sell your product or information to. In addition, you need to familiarize and socialize with marketers as well. Share and trade techniques to show your information is just as valuable as theirs. Approaching friendly in hostile territory is always good. Plus, having a fellow internet marketer promoting your website can be a HUGE credible backlink.

In this article I will be discussing 3 ways you can buy backlinks and popularize your page.

1. Article Directories 
2. Social Media 
3. Forum Marketing

Article Directories

Article directories are a great way to jump start your business. It is not a favorite form of traffic generation amongst marketers, because it requires more time, work, and consistency. In the new world of automation this technique is manual. Although article spinning software exists, search engines are becoming more advanced and equipped in the crackdown.

Writing articles is a great (free) form of self promotion. It gives the consumer assurance that the marketer is knowledgeable and can provide guidance in the venture they are pursuing. Providing free valuable information consistently gives comfort to the reader to take action.

One or two articles will not prove you are credible. Remember, you are trying to popularize yourself and website. Find at least 5 article directories and begin distributing articles to them on a weekly basis. Make sure to have a link back to your website on EVERY article.

Social Media

Social Media is rapidly becoming the “go to” technique in internet marketing. It brings you to the consumer rather than waiting for the consumer to find you through search engines. As for consumers, it adds the human element to their research as opposed to computer generated information.

For example, let’s say you are looking to buy a new TV. You type in the search engines 34″ LED TV. The search engines will give you their top 5 results based on algorithms, keywords, and other technical factors placed on different websites.

Social media allows you to bring valuable information directly to consumers, also giving you a clearer picture into the mind of the researcher in a socializing community environment. This valuable information is from a human resource sharing good research and often personal experiences.

Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is my personal favorite. It’s basically a huge chat room for people to bounce their questions and ideas off of one another. It’s my personal favorite because it’s the best place to find topics for articles (just my biased opinion).

The opportunity for free traffic couldn’t get any easier. You find a popular thread particularly based on a question. Pay attention to how many people are viewing and replying to this thread. If it’s a hot topic you simply answer the question short and thoroughly. At the end of your reply you add “for more information read my article” followed by your buy backlinks . Now how simple is that?

The downside is that it’s a marketing cesspool. Every marketer is trying to sell something on forums. There’s been a serious crackdown because everyone is complaining. So promote your article, and then have a link to your website on the article. Valuable free content always conquers.


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