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I love free search engine traffic and much of my online business relies on it. The “secret” to my success is no complicated SEO strategies. It’s getting quite a few quality buy backlinks. That along with some simple On-Page SEO like using my keyword in the title tag and in my content is enough to get me ranking on page one of Google for thousands of keywords that send me tens of thousands of visitors each month.

It takes some work, but overall it is very simple to copy my strategy and get similar results. Here are two quick and easy ways for getting backlinks. Incorporate them into your daily work schedule and watch your traffic increase.

Social Bookmarking

One of the simplest things you can do for getting backlinks and traffic is to bookmark your content via social bookmarking services. Anytime I write a new quality blog post or article, I spend some time logging into several of my accounts and bookmarking it. The ones I like to use include:

Set up an account at each of these sites and start bookmarking a few of your best articles and blog posts. Don’t just stop there though. You can also bookmark articles you have submitted to article directories, guest blog posts you have written for other sites etc.

Of course you don’t want every link you bookmark to be your own content. Instead share links to 2 other good resources you come across online for every one of your own that you bookmark. This will make your social bookmarking account look more natural and make it more likely for other users of the same service to follow you and take you up on your recommendations.

Article Marketing

The second easy strategy for buy backlinks is writing and submitting articles. This simply means that you write a short but informative article like the one you are reading right now. Most articles are between 400 and 600 words long and it shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to write and submit one.

Speaking of article submissions… my favorite article directory is and I spend some time most mornings writing and submitting an article there. Not only do I get a strong backlink or two from my resource box at the end of the article, I also get quite a bit of direct traffic from the site.

Other article directories worth submitting to are,, and

Get in the habit of writing and submitting at least 2 articles per week and you should start seeing a steady increase in traffic to your site. As those links are indexed, you will also see your site move up in the search engines for the keywords you are going after.


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