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What are some of the ways you can buy backlinks to your website? There are numerous ways, and listed here are some of the better methods.

You can create back links to your site by leaving comments on other peoples blogs and leaving a link back to your site. Do this a number of times with different blogs and this should get you started with some one way links.

Leaving posts in forums is another great way to create some links. Don’t leave your URL directly in the body of your post or you may get banned. Create a signature so that when you leave a post your signature with your URL will be at the bottom of your post.

There are lots of social network sites out there now that give you many opportunities to get some back links. MySpace and Facebook are a couple that everyone knows but if you look up social networks on Wikipedia you would be amazed at how many others there are.

Social Bookmark sites are yet another great way to get links back to you. Digg and Delicious are a couple and again like above you can find many other bookmarking sites you can use. You can bookmark your sites at these places and get one way links back to you.

Writing articles is a great way to buy backlinks to you. You would first have your article posted at article directories with your link in the resource box. Then you can find that article indexed by the search engines and also find your articles picked up by other webmasters and placed on their sites where you may get yet another back link.


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