Different Ways to Buy Backlinks For Newbies

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Backlinks are often sought to increase website recognition for search engine optimization and general authority reputation. It can often be the most back breaking portion of optimizing a site for ranking and is also often why so many sites end up not ranking at all.

There are several ways to acquire buy backlinks for your site. Again, the general definition of a backlink is a link on someone else’s site that leads back to a page on your site. From authority sites you gain greater benefit than low page rank sites.

It is overall good to gather as many backlinks for your site as possible, as consistently as possible. Remember backlinks are only as good as your actions to consistently gather them. No backlink campaign is truly successful if abandoned prematurely.

Alright, getting into the meat of discussion, there are several ways to get these backlinks to your site.

Blog posts or comments used to be a very good way to create links. You could either own a blog you had links in your articles on, or you posted on other’s blogs through submission services. The “no follow” movement on a lot of blogs destroyed this partially because blog owners using content from others found they were receiving trash articles that were made just so the link could be gathered. Many submission services that use blogs for link building have private networks that they personally regulate.

Social websites are also good for building your links. Using your social page to say you updated your website or to advertise a feature of your website quickly earns your site an easy backlink. You just have to be careful not to spam out your links.

The king of all current methods continues to be article marketing. Search engine optimization is all about content and updates on your site. You can write an article related to your site or a page on your site and submit to a directory for articles or a blog dispersion service you pay for.

People often do a mix of all linkbuilding techniques. This lets the search engine see a natural and random flow of backlinks. If you just do one technique you risk not sustaining your ranks or never ranking near position one in a search engine at all. What works now is variety and it certainly shows itself in rising ranks.

From article marketing and social network sites and blogs there are several ways to buy backlinks to your site. All of these methods work well but you should always try different combinations of these techniques to find what fits best for you.


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