What is the Most Effective Way to Buy Backlinks

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When first working on promoting a new website, it is important to set up effective marketing strategies. One of the most successful ways is to buy backlinks working for you. This may seem a large job at first, but proven methods exist, and just require correct application and a proactive approach to the task.

Updating your blog everyday, or each time a new submission is added to your site, with a snapshot of what is on offer will have people getting interested in what you have to say. Think of the way TV producers end an episode of their Soap and apply it to your blogs. You want them to be exciting and informative, but ensure enough is left out to direct them to read the full article.

Another effective technique is to use Link Baiting, but you should be careful not to abuse this and drift into spam. People like to read and comment about controversies or even mildly offensive subjects. If they are shocked or intrigued by a subject you have written, they are more likely to tell their contacts and write about it on their own blogs with backlinks to your original posting.

Very similar to both of these methods is getting involved on forums. Establish a reputation as a valuable and entertaining contributor, you will be able to embed a backlink in your signature, and use such selling techniques as, “I have written more about this”, or “This is something I have considered for a while”, and ask them to visit your pages. Be careful to again not cross the line of spamming, and target your musings responsibly.

It is unlikely you would be bothering to attract people to a site that you are not proud of, so use this belief to open discussions with other webmasters. Ask them to have a look at your site and comment on it, and offer them a Link Exchange to generate traffic between the two. Be sure to select relevant sites, with subjects in common with yours, and be sure not to pester or send bulk mailings. This will have the reverse effect and see numbers reduce.

With the number of free web directories increasing all the time, ensure you register your links with them as a matter of priority. They have a tremendous footfall from surfers, looking for a one stop way to find what they are looking for.

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