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Like it or not, it’s time for YouTube and Google Video to move on over and make some room. There’s another video hosting site in town and it’s already making a name for itself. The genius concept of the company is found in its unique format. It’s an innovative gathering place for businesses or learning opportunities.

FreeIQ is somewhat similar to other popular video sites but has some big differences buy backlinks    with the business marketer in mind. It offers what you can get at other sites, but takes it over and above what you can get elsewhere. It allows the users to upload content in both audio and PDF format.

You can even upload complete teleseminars or webinars. You could make a presentation, a how-to video about what you have to offer consumers and FreeIQ will take it around the world for you.

FreeIQ is not just a host site, it’s not simply a place where you can merely talk about selling your product or services. As an added bonus, one of the fantastic features about FreeIQ is that it allows customers to buy from you directly on their site unlike other video hosting sites.

Talk about great customer managing! Using FreeIQ is like having a virtual business manager to handle the sales and marketing so you’re free to concentrate on continuing to build your business.

By using FreeIQ, the networking possibilities are endless. Just think – you can post about your video message that you have with FreeIQ on Twitter or Facebook or other social media places.

You can create a lens about it on Squidoo and use that to direct your customers to your FreeIQ presentation so they can see that you have what they need.

The world is going the way of social media and FreeIQ can be a valuable asset in that it will help your customers be able to both see and hear you tell them what’s in it for them, then help put it in their hands.

What this company did was take video hosting to the expert level.

There’s an extremely high potential to increase your revenue due to the traffic FreeIQ can help direct to your business. FreeIQ also has buy backlinks. Backlinks are like road signs directing traffic exactly where you want them to go – to your website!

Why are backlinks important? Because Google will rank you higher the more formidable links you have so your visibility will increase. Keep in mind that the links have to be relevant.


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