Getting Backlinks to Your Page

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Ok, Lets Start with the basics! What are backlinks, and why do you want them?

If you own a webpage, that you care about in the slightest way, then you want and need backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to a website, simply put. That should explain enough, but there are many reasons why having good, quality, relevant backlinks is important to the success of your website.

First of all, the Search Engines use back links to determine the importance of a website. A site with many good, quality buy backlinks will be ranked higher in the search engines than a website with no backlinks. So, when someone types in a search query, naturally the website with the most back links will get more visitors.

The more backlinks a site has will also be a large determining factor in the sites Google page rank. If you do any kind of advertising on your website, having a higher page rank can greatly increase your profits. Your website can have either from 0-10 Google page ranks with 10 being the highest. Getting quality backlinks is crucial to getting a good Google rank.

Relevant backlinks are important because they become higher quality. The search engines can identify whether or not the sites are related, and give preference to related links. Getting links from sites more important (as determined by the search engine), will help your websites ranking. For instance, a link from a site with a Google page rank 6 is much more valuable than a link from a site without any Google ranking.

There are some things to avoid when trying to get more backlinks. Do not exchange links with site that are considered to be a “link farm”. This looks bad for your site. Also, do not go buying tons of links for your site. This looks phony and can do more harm than good for your website.

Finally, the best way to buy backlinks for your site, it to write good content. If it is something people want to read, and want to know, than they will be more likely to link to it. So, don’t write about what you had for breakfast, no matter how interesting you might have thought it was. Write about things that will be helpful to a large number of people, and things that will make the web more interesting.


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