Good Methods of Buy Backlinks

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The top statistics that Google uses to rank sites are the age of the site and PR. To avoid paying pay per click fees for the life of your site you should write a good amount of content and get together many backlinks to move your search ranking to the highest possible.

A good method of buy backlinks is to submit to pages that are similar to yours and relevant but they focus on something different within the topic. You should also research your competitors by using Google and see who ranks highest. There are many other methods that can work for getting your site ranked higher in search results.

Write Articles

The most effective way of getting backlinks is by writing articles that are relevant to the content of your site and posting them to other sites. Make sure that you provide a link to a page that is not your homepage within the article. You can be fined for posting duplicate content so make sure you do not post the same article to your site.

Set Up a Blog

A separate site with a blog related to the topic of your site is an effective way of buy backlinks. You can provide information that is not on your actual site to the visitors of the blog and link back to your site in the blog posts. Be sure that you do not link to this blog from your site or it will be overlooked.

Keeping up your backlinks is always going to be an ongoing process. You should refresh them yearly or more often because there are constantly new sites that are coming onboard and sites that go away taking the backlinks with them. Your competitors are always looking for ways to increase their search result rankings and you need to keep up with them so your ranking does not drop.


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