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From the first day Google is trying to give its searchers best results according to their quires. Google is also changing its techniques to distinguish between fake and real websites on the base of content. For this purpose Google frequently changes its policies. Some of them are not announced publicly and always remain hidden. People of SEO world utilize their whole energy in figuring out these changes and use them in their favors. If Google introduce a really big change then they give them any proper name like Google panda, Google penguin and humming bird. These are the three biggest changes which occurred in recent years in Google algorithm. Google penguin and Google panda are the code names of latest algorithms of Google.

Firstly they introduce Google panda in February, 2011. Google Panda damaged business of many people who have old websites. Purpose of Google panda is to maintain the ranking of websites according to their content. Websites which are highly informative and updated frequently are moved in high ranking. And sites which are fake or publishing again and again similar type of material are moved in lower position. Google panda is actually maintaining the quality of websites on the base of their content. This algorithm affects very large number of websites. If you understand properly about Google Panda then you can understand core mission of Google easily. When you visit any site on Google they notice your reaction. If you return from site early or you find it less worthy they automatically lower the ranking of that site. I mention you firstly that Google also has some secret or hidden planning for site ranking. After a careful consideration, I have made a list of factors which can lower down the ranking of your website. Poor design of your site can bring you down. Sites which don’t include references for their articles easily go down. Sites with low speed of loading data are also considered lower in ranking. Solution for all of these is that, design your site with good orientation and put original, large and informative new data on your site. Try to update your site on daily bases.

Google Penguin is firstly introduced in 2012. Aim of Google penguin is to lower down the ranking of search engine websites which are not following the Google webmaster guidelines. Google Penguin is trying to abolish all black hat SEO techniques. And they are dealing with all types of these techniques very smartly. Through these techniques, Google is artificially increasing the ranking of web pages by number of links pointing to the page. Google Penguin is decreasing the ranking of all sites which are using keywords stuffing, duplicate content and cloaking to name a few. Google Penguin is also known as over optimization penalty. Google Penguin is updated only three times since its launch. Abolishment of doorway pages, excessive link building, keywords stuffing and irrelevant, fake and meaningless content is the core mission of Google Penguin.

SEO experts can easily cop them. Google also established recovery tools to recover your site. Google Panda damages whole site but Google Penguin damages only pages of irrelevant content. I am referring you mine site for best SEO services which will give you all recovery tips and solution.  is a proper site for all types of recovery.


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