Google panda & penguin updates

/ June 29, 2012/ Group Of Magicians's partner

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is actually a magical process in which any website or webpage get higher rank with search engines than before. When more people visit a site it increases its credibility and relative ranking with the search engines. Credibility and popularity co-relate with the earning of that website. If more people visit the site, it will give two benefits to the owner. One is more traffic increases its relative ranking and, Second more traffic increases the earning of that website. Actually SEO is a boundary less process. Every website has ranking whether their owners take care of that or not because every website has its ranking in search engines, so it is inevitable.
We are group of magicians .Our formal group name is Search Engine Magic .We are proud to say that we are recognized in the field of world’s largest website promotion service Provider Groups. Our main platform is Search Engine Magic.

The website is also a part of our Group. We provide best services regarding website promotions and that’s why we have distinction in this field. We always try to keep ourselves up to date as well as our clients regarding Google panda and Google penguin updates.
Google Panda was first released in February 2011. Which contained low rank of low quality websites and high rank of high quality websites. It also contained that Google will drop ranking of websites containing large amounts of advertisement. These changes affected 12 percent of all search results. It also contained the fact that Google will increase ranking if the quality of website get higher than before. These updates affect globally in April 2011.
After this Google penguin announced on April 24,2012. This update causes greater impact on the field of web business promotions. The update was aimed to decrease the ranking of that websites which violate Google Webmaster Guidelines by using black-hat SEO techniques, Keyword stuffing, Cloaking, Link schemes, Creation of duplicate contents, and many more. This update affected approximately 3.1% of search queries in English, about 3% of queries in other languages like German, Chinese and Arabic. Google unveiled the latest update called penguin 1.1 on May 25, 2012. This update was supposed to impact less than 0.1% of English searches.
These hurdles cause great effect on Global World. We did not give up, and tried our level best to think in different ways. We believe in creativity and hard work. We build new strategies and plans to cope with current situations. Our highly qualified members always try to get best results from input of our hard work and skills. Our group Search Engine Magic through these challenging circumstances always strives for the best. We provide best website ranking services by keeping in view of latest updates of above said Google policies and also by observing future possible changes. We also believe in customer orientation.
So if, “Our clients are happy, we are also happy!!”

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