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Google Panda was originally introduced in 2011 on Purpose of Google Panda was to decrease the visibility of websites which are poor in their content level. Websites which are poor in content are identified by lower number of visitors. Google Panda algorithm directly targets the sites which have very thin and duplicate content. Websites which were publishing content with least words (less than 100 words) and one photo and one link, badly damaged by Google Panda. It is the most controversial algorithm by Google. But it helped a lot in abolishment of low rank websites. With the help of Google Panda algorithm, Google improved the quality of search results. Most of SEO felt that algorithm is like a punch in gut, because they are very confused and frustrated.

google panda recoveryIf you are from those bloggers who lost their website trafficking after Google penalties updates on then don’t worry. I will provide you some approved and tested techniques. With the help of them you can recover most of your business. But it is a slow process and also needs patience. Sometime many months are required to recover properly. And after a long hard work, you may have hope with faith that you will recover. When you recover most of your loss, don’t celebrate too much and take care that you are now not again stuffing the Google with that old problem. That can be again the reason of your decline. Try to exactly analyze the reason of your failure because many websites recover quickly but again hit by Panda penalties.
First of all, completely understand that Google Panda is a domain level penalty. Due to low quality of content, you can penalize your whole domain. So, get rid of, low level content. Avoid over optimization of website. Stop using black hat SEO if you are using them. Increase the level of your content in this way you can make socially your site more visible. Give importance to keywords. It is necessary for you to maintain the target keywords in every post. If you achieve to maintain the target level for keywords, you can also increase the number of visitors. Check content quality on the base of grammar. Sites having content with poor grammar are low quality. Delete all useless pages from your website to improve your quality. Google also targets the websites which are not properly structured by SEO services. Keep in mind that Google bans the sites which are full off with too many broken links and have less CTR from search engines.

Honestly, there is no way to get back your 100% trafficking but you can recover most of them with the help of proper strategy. I am suggesting you our SEO website which is very concerning about the recovery from  panda penalty. Our experts are very efficient and highly qualified to get you rid of from them quickly and easily. is our site. You can visit on our site  and consult with experts. They will give you precious and helpful suggestions to recover quickly. We are providing best SEO services to avoid penalties; you must have structured SEO services. We are here to figure out your problems and then make your site bullet proof with all types of penalties. We are waiting for you to contact with us. Click here to get more information about Google Panda recovery.


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