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/ September 27, 2012/ Group Of Magicians's partner

The answer to question “Whether bad links affect the ranking of website or webpage?” is “YES”. Bad links means the links that are banned by Google  MSN, Yahoo or other search engine. This affects website’s PR (Page Rank) with Google. Inserting bad links in website is not a professional task. It may be caused by bad SEO services. There may be many reasons for that, Bad linking is highly discouraged by Google, that’s why many websites cannot get good page rank with Google.

Solution 1:  is that we should remove Web Pages and return a 404(not found error) which are linked on websites that are banned by Google. This is the easiest way of getting rid of your website related bad links but it cause a big problem if the bad links relate to your home page. In this case you cannot remove your Home or Main page. If the penalty is not severe you can redirect the page to other by using 301-redirect.

Solution 2: is building of good links and achieving balance between them first, then increase the ratio of good links to bad links so as to restore your website’s position. Good links cause your website’s ranking higher than before and remove the effect of bad links. But it needs so much time to be dealt with. If you got the time you can do this otherwise choose another option.

Solution 3: is the applying to Google for reconsideration. If you have tried you best to address bad links and you cannot do this effectively then this option is suitable for you. But while applying to Google you have to show your actions and efforts that you have undertaken to remove that bad links. Otherwise Google will not consider your request. If Google will satisfy that you have taken so much care to remove that bad links, its employees will consider any review your request.

Solution 4: It is last solution. In this, you have to purchase a new domain and replace the older one. But this may cause so much loss because as your domain get changed your inbound links and off-page ranking will also lose. You have to hire an SEO expert to increase your site’s ranking again by changing your domain name. Your previous Goodwill and popularity will vanish. There is one little solution of this problem. You can redirect your traffic from your older domain name to your new domain name by using 301-redirect.

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