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The Initial Frustration. A lot of website owners can find it really difficult to generate a good level of free targeted traffic. It’s really frustrating; you have a great idea that you know people will love, but you can’t generate the traffic to sustain the site, or get the sales you know your product deserves. However it isn’t as difficult given the right strategy as one might imagine. Knowledge as with all things is key and the more privy you are to it the further you will go, however having knowledge is a pretty easy observation to make, so lets discuss and highlight that knowledge.

WASTING YOUR TIME & RESOURCES.: Spending all of your time trying to find new ways to buy backlinks free web traffic to your site and buying new programs and books that are supposed to help you generate the kind of free web traffic your site needs is no way to run a business. Some simple free procedures can takes care of all that.

DOMAIN NAME: From the beginning you should try to name your domain name as close a match to the websites content ie if your website is about cooking then a domain name such as bettercooking would work well.

KEYWORDS: That all important web content for your website should be fresh and as unique as you can get it and don’t forget the all important grammar and punctuation so spell check your content as search engines hate these grammatical errors, assuming all is well regarding the content you want to pepper it with keywords and these should be placed strategically about your site not all bunched up in one corner. At the same time you don’t want to overuse them. Your keywords should be wisely chosen and by this I mean conform to what you would expect your target audience would be looking for, so if you employ keywords such as free X (x meaning the product) and you are in the business of selling that product then you are only going to attract visitors looking for freebies while you want buyers, so be cautious on the keyword use. Keywords can be obtained from a number of places google keyword tool being a free and easy site to do your keyword searching. ( NB: try to imagine you are your target audience looking for your product and what you will consequently type into the search box to find that product.)

IMAGE RIGHT: Search engines will also optimise your rank if your photo’s and images have been tagged with text relevant to the search engines understanding of them. It would be worth mentioning at this point that keyword /phrases should be incorporated into the URL and other related file names also this should be applied to the title tag along with your meta description tags. (Nb be warned do not simply dump these keyword/phrases in your website as mentioned as you may be viewed as spamming. Remember strategic planning of your keyword usage.)

ARTICLE SUBMISSION: Back links are very important and helpful in getting you higher rankings. To achieve this it would be best to get links from high page rank pages. Submitting articles to article directories, blogs and forums is one of the best ways to obtain back links. It is important though not to abuse this method of traffic generation by simply and vulgarly using it as an outright advertising tool. You need to give good sound quality information. Several good article directories exist and these can be employed to help you get exposure you may even attract browsers as well to your website.

ARTICLE HOUSEKEEPING: As with your website so with your articles again try to give them relevant and catchy titles, together with keyword relevant employment to get web traffic and SEO value attached to your article. This will certainly help you generate huge traffic to your website. So to cap it all when writing an article keep in mind your readers buy also make sure that article is SEO value rated.

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Apart from article submission other ways to raise ones profile would be to use social network sites such as twitter and face book not to mention entering the bogging arena and advertising your website and consequently if you again strategically deliver product/website then you will buy backlinks that targeted traffic and hence website traffic.

IT REALLY WORKS: Lots of people always ask about the best ways of increasing traffic to their website for free, and there are many tried and tested methods out there that just don’t do the trick. You’ll try lots of different products, but none will ever cut it. There is software out there that will take the drudge out of some of the aforementioned, however these simple methods above are free and readily available to all of us.

THE DON’TS OF GENERATING WEB TRAFFIC: So it would be prudent to give some of the mistakes to avoid in increasing web traffic.

Make sure not to choose poor keywords in other words make sure your selection is not highly unique and popular as these will draw respectively no customers and you will put yourself in a competitive arena and therefore face stiff competition.

Leaving out title tags which can greatly improve SEO.

Do not design your website only in flash as it becomes difficult for the viewers with slower connections to download it while at the same time the search engines find it more difficult to crawl. So provide HTML version as flash only sites can be ignored by search engines.

Forgetting to Provide your website with a sitemap as this will make a better impact on the search engines if it is included, Hence the search engines can index and crawl.

Using to many images in headings and menus

Using backlink farms stick to creating your backlinks via article submission on authentic sites. Also do not use too much interlinking.

Keep a close check on spelling and grammar as spelling mistakes in such as your links would not reflect well on the craftsmanship of your website.


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