How to make pdf file for submission

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Now a days document sharing is more than essential and according to google updates, it’s more important to have links in file sharing sites as compared to other sites, google and other search engines are giving more importance to these kinds of link buildings which are found in files, ebooks, pdf’s or any other file types.

New technologies are always bringing new strategies and in seo the new strategy is file sharing links which is a revolutionary seo technique and helping people to gain ranking with only few links as it comes from a valid file or book which is available on famous file sharing sites. Its weight is more than the other type of links because of its way of creating and it looks more natural than others.

There are many types of sites available on internet, some of them are famous but many of them are not, but according to expert analysis , many people thing that the link in file still have a lot of weight as compared to press release or any other article or home page link even its posted on a low ranking or new document sharing site which have not much domain authority or page authority but it’s a file sharing site which can accept pdf, word, excel, or any other well-known file types.

To make a successful pdf there are few steps you need to follow to get rank.

Make the title meaningful and search able.

Title should be search able and like a long tail keyword which should be separated by the dashes or separators like a website title, its not much unique from that because google clearly says :

“Google first started indexing PDF files in 2001 and currently has hundreds of millions of PDF files indexed.”

its clear now they are indexing the pdf’s and its content.

Internal content and linking

Internal content and linking should be very clear and relevant because google checks the internal linking’s as an important part of the pdf and index them. Many times we search the results and google show only pdf results according to the titles of our search term.

Alternate Text should be used

It is recommended to use alternate text as images and sometimes google does not index all of contents or files but images are always indexed and seen more in search engines.

Compress images where possible

Images should be compressed in files where possible, because too large files takes longer time to load when we will have a file with a lot of content and it will be difficult to load, its not like html content, it’s a file which will load normally into a pdf viewer in browser so it will take time, the best way is to compress to reduce the size of file to boost the load time.

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