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We provide standard quality bad links removal services. Bad links are often caused by bad SEO service providers. Bad links cause a greater decline in the page rank of a website with search engines. SEO is used to improve page rank and traffic of a particular website. But manipulation of links, links building on banned websites and careless link building cause page rank of a website to drop down. Some website promotion service providers build links carelessly by using black-hat SEO techniques. This pulls up ranking of website, but after some time page rank starts to decline and website suffer more than before.

Black-hat SEO techniques are very crucial for websites. These temporarily shift ranking up and when Google discovers bad links, it again drop down the ranking once again. So, website owner’s position goes bad by using bad SEO service provider. The owner has to pay fee for just temporary benefits. As compared to this, we provide white-hat service techniques. White-hat techniques are more difficult than black-hat techniques. White-hat techniques require greater skills, sufficient experience and knowledge of recent search engine updates. That’s why it has greater benefit over black-hat techniques. Website promotion with white-hat SEO techniques will remain forever.

Google focused on bad links in Google Penguin update, released on May, 25 2012. Before this update, no one took care while link building. Website promotion service providers just build links without observing whether they are good or bad, because that times they don’t had idea of upcoming updates. Once bad links are created, to remove them is not an easy task. After this Google Penguin update the entire web market has changed.

Websites can restore their previous position by implementing upcoming steps. First of all you should identify which links of your website are bad. This is not an easy task. It requires complete inspection and deep analysis of website. You have to list down all your websites links and then differentiate between bad and good links. The second step is, you should make additions and alterations in your website, so as to compliance with Google requirements. Then last step is arrived, request Google by showing the fact that your website follows Google requirements and regulations. These steps will restore your website’s previous position.

We identify bad links for our clients because our clients may not have knowledge about bad links or they may not have time to do so. As the bad links number decreases the ranking with search engine increases. If you select us for removing bad links then it will be very beneficial decision for you because of following reasons:

ð  We offer cheap rates with high quality services

ð  Your order will be completed in very short time

ð  You can verify whether bad links are removed or not

ð  We will keep an eye on future page rank position of your website, and

ð  You don’t need to do anything after placement of your order, we will do everything ourselves.

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