Directory Submission

Many people don’t know, benefit of submitting a website to online web directory. Search engines consider web directories as collection of back links to related sites from relevant categories.

The following are the benefits of website to online directories submitting:

ð   Search engines like and appreciate web directories.

ð  Directory links are considered more important and economical because you have to pay for them once but their benefit will be forever. Some of our clients require us to perform excessive directory submission service from our usual SEO services for their long term benefits.

ð  Quality web directories get good traffic and for this your site also gets diverted good traffic.

ð  Directories also send good page rank of your website to search engines.

ð  Some quality web directories provide high quality relevant anchor texts and your website will eventually gets high rank.

ð  When a website is submitted to any web directory your website is automatically indexed with search engines.

ð  Directory submissions help website owners to build keyword relevancy for their websites. You can improve your website’s ranking by using relevant keyword anchor texts.

Features of our directory submission service:

ð  Your website will be submitted to top quality web directories. You can specify us web directories with which you want to submit your website. Otherwise we will submit your site to top directories.

ð  Our clients don’t have to bother about handling directory registration email we do it on behalf of our clients.

ð  We provide our clients regular updated live reports about stage of completion and progress of project.

ð  We make all you directory submissions manually with ensuring highest level of accuracy.

ð  Our directory submission packages are economical with respect to our standard quality services.

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