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When two pages are linked, link will play a role of street between these pages. Through with we can go from one page to another. Link building means linking of two pages so our user can go to linked page or pages. Link building increases page rank of a website which is linked on another website. In our social life if a person has lot of friends, he is deemed to be very popular man. Same is in the websites. If a website has lot of links on the other websites, search engines increase its page rank because it is very popular or more traffic oriented website. But the situation will be reversed if a websites is linked on Google’s banned websites, Google will drop its page rank to down. It is same like we don’t like bad people in our social life.

Some SEO service providers carelessly build large proportion of their back links to website’s home page and small proportion to other contents (like blogs, posts, articles  …etc). The real contents are the inner contents and not the home page. Such a website’s page rank will be droped down by Google. That’s why it is said that always take care while building back links. As well as external links, internal links are also very important. Internal links present structure of a website. Efficient internal links makes good structure and increases ranking because it will be easy for Google to search through the website.

Quality of back links must be taken into consideration while link building. It is better to have one reputed and quality link rather than one hundred low quality links. This is because high quality back links have greater ranking with search engines and while searching search engines increase ranking of a website which has good quality links. Good quality links are not generally free. If you are suffering from bad links and you cannot remove them, this is a big problem. Solution to this is that if we cannot remove bad links but we can remove their effect on our website. Yes, we can. If we build lot of popular and good links and the number of good links are greater than bad links the effect of bad links will de vanished.

We provide back link services, by using white-hat SEO techniques. We build back links with popular websites. We build back links gradually because it is a gradual process, not a one night task. Within the boundaries of Google recent instructions back links are build with most popular and high rank websites. Firstly, we analyze your website effectively. This analysis will help us to identify bad and good links. This analysis will also report us type of industry and your competitor’s position with search engines. Your competitor’s website analysis will enable us to identify which back link method is chosen by your competitors.  After this we will build better back link building plan for your, which will be better from your competitor’s plan. Then we will start link building with popular websites.

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  1. Ah, very nice, I am waiting for these packages, I have also used your search engine submitter tool which is very nice, and waiting for your backlink packages, Can you tell me when they will be live ??

    1. Yes, these packages are launched, and you can check them now.

  2. What kind of backlink you will use? All are from same sources or it will differ? Whatever it is do you follow Google latest all update? If yes than how can you build 1k back link within 5 days? I am really confused….

    1. It depends on you, in how many days you need your package ?? and what should be the quantity of the links per day, We work on only clients requirement.

    2. All the sources will be different and different ip’s. we use only high pr links which are not banned from google or any other search engines.

  3. can u provide EDU and GOV link ?

    1. Yes, we also provide edu,gov,and wiki links.

  4. Great !! can you please send a sample in my mail ?

    1. we provide backlinks on request, you tell us required pr and then we will give you a link to purchase the packet.
      If you need ready made links or only link packets.
      Thank you.

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