Page Rank checker tool

Google Page Rank Checker Tool:

Google page rank tool basically predicts you website’s future page rank based on quantity and quality of your website’s back links. It is not an exact number, it is a prediction. Google has not disclosed the bases of page rank determination. We cannot find exact page rank of our website, but Google page rank checker tools is considered as most efficient tool and also its results are considered near to exact Google Page Rank. It displays numerical results from 0 (least important) to 10(most important).

Some website owners tried to cheat this Google tool and tried to purchase link back to their website with a hope that they will get PR for their website. However, those low quality back links can inversely affect their website’s PR. Search engines like Google may penalize these type of websites by dropping down their website’s page rank and by giving priority to the websites having good quality back links.

If your website’s Page Rank Test results are lower than you expectations, we are always here to help you, see our bad link removal service . You immediately need to remove your website’s bad quality back links. This will restore you website’s previous position.

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