Ways of Getting Links From High Authority Websites

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In organic search optimization, the most crucial factor is of link building. Moreover, within this factor of link building, there is the concept of link authority. Meaning that, links can be differentiated on the basis of the authority they carry.

The authority of links depends on the authenticity of the source they are coming from. In internet marketing, the most difficult task for online marketers is to receive authority buy backlinks. The lines below give a few of the ways in which you can attract authority links.

1. Attractive content:

The key to attracting authority links is to make your content as attractive as possible. The attraction can be added in your content by personal mentions, making the content spicy, and by making the content factual and concrete. This way the content will stand out and authentic source will link back to it.

2. Broken Links:

The tactical way of getting authority links is to build a record of the broken links the authority websites have. Once you have a database of the broken links on authoritative websites, then you can contact the owner and inform them about the links. This will please them, and out of generosity, either they will replace the broken link with your link, or would repair the link and give your content a link.

3. Image Library:

The other way of buy backlinks is by building an image library that is desirable by all. When you have large image library, then you can offer the images for sharing and make a compulsory request for a backlink for the images. You can have a photographer build your library, or you can use your own phone to capture real photos.

4. Guest Post:

Writing informative and fully researched guest posts is another way of attracting quality links. While requesting an authority website to link to you, you will need to present to them your guest post portfolio. Therefore, take each your guest post seriously and write it with dedication and facts.

5. Fill Content Gaps:

Once you have identified authority content publishers, the next thing you need to do is to ask them if they have any gaps in their content. They surely have gaps, and will tell you about them, then it’s on you to research on those gaps and provide the content that fills those gaps and gives you a link.

6. Education or Government Sites:

There is no need in explaining the authority of .gov and .edu links. You can get links from .edu sites by sponsoring a student event, appearing as a guest speaker; offer your business as a case study to the school. On the other hand, you can get.gov links by starting some charity event, or by creating a community page.

7. Buying Links:

The buy backlinks is in violation of Google’s policies and may result in penalty. The legal way of doing so would be to donate in a cause and they will give you a link, pay an influential blogger to write on your blog and he would link to it, or you can fund a research, which will also give you quality backlinks.


In short, once you know the difference between the authoritative and non-authoritative sites, then you can get authority links by following the tips mentioned above.


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